Madebygrey Vinyl Cooperation


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Vrijheid Records is proud to announce the vinyl release cooperation with madebygrey!

Madebygrey is the imaginary band of the Greek composer and producer Antonis Hatzimichalis.

The project has been discographihcally active since 2013, counting three releases so far in the field of cinematic, instrumental post rock. His first album was released 10 years ago (end of 2013) it's now considered classic for the genre, under the title "I have written a wicked book and feel spotless as the lamb".

The album consists of 4 tracks: “Sunrays will make you see the clouds”, “Nothing burns twice”, “s.i.a. (skype is awkward)” and “Little secrets”. Borrowing Herman Melville’s phrase from his letter to Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1851, after accomplishing the great novel Moby Dick, Antonis Hatzimichalis, first introduced himself as Made by Grey and presented a totally DIY studio project: It includes four lengthy explorative tracks based on a production which merges orchestral instruments (violin, trumpet, concert bells, piano) with electric guitars and powerful druming. It takes you on a dark romantic journey of thick multi-layered prog influenced minimal melodies.


We will collaborate with Madebygrey on releasing his milestone album “I have written a wicked book and feel spotless as the lamb” on the vinyl version. This version is not only a reproduction of a classic and memorable work, but also pushes the original masterpiece to its brightest moment with highest sound quality.

Stay tuned, the release information will come out soon.


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