Pristine melody and mild poetry, Nostalgic Neofolk from Dresden, Germany


Among the German pioneer groups that define and develop the German neo-folk genre, Seelenthron is undoubtedly a band that adds gorgeous colors. Seelenthron are a neo-folk duo comprised of Alexander Meier (compositions, guitar, keyboard/piano, percussion) and Norbert Strahl (texts, voice, cover art), born in 2005, interprets the unique grace and sincerity of German neo-folk with their pristine melody and mild poetry. Seelenthron released their debut album "Heimkehr" in the same year as their establishment, which had a strong pastoral complex and sparked endless imagination. The gentle melodies of guitar, crystal notes of piano, melodious atmosphere of keyboard, and serene words of vocals, slowly weave a nostalgic journey with natural scenery and humanistic feelings intersecting, lead listeners to step on and indulge in the leisurely time and vast space transformed by Seelenthron's music.

Seelenthron forever live in Neofolk lovers' memories. R.I.P. Seelenthron.

In 2023 Vrijheid Records collaborated with Seelenthron, release Nostalgic Neofolk masterpiece "Heimkehr" on vinyl.

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Seelenthron – Heimkehr

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Purchase Vinyl Record:

Seelenthron – Heimkehr