I am no hero

Perfect fusion of sadness and grandeur, Post-Rock from Athens, Greece

i am no hero

A perfect fusion of silence and violence, sadness and grandeur, this is I Am No Hero, a quaternion Post-Rock band from Athens, Greece. Their opuses are imbued with gripping details, epic atmosphere, also magnificent structure. The typical Post-Rock style of crystal-clear musical notes and vigorous musical walls, together with the introverted, steady drumming, make the sound along with the emotion evoked by the sound bloom piece by piece like vivid petals, also advance layer by layer like billowy wave. During more than ten years of career, the band have created three extremely emotional and beautiful albums "Without Antennas", "Underwater Cities" and "Nights of Wonder", also one EP "Cyberpunk" with much more darker, heavier soundscape. Now it's time to enjoy such wonderful instrumental music full of memories and aspirations.

In 2022, Vrijheid Records collaborated with I am no hero, released "Underwater Cities" on colored vinyl.

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I Am No Hero – Underwater Cities

LP (Green w/ Black Splatters)