April Rain

Wanders between melancholy and excitement, Post Rock from Saint Petersburg, Russia


April Rain, born in Ukraine and later resident in Russia, this foursome is undoubtedly a band that fully embodies the characteristics of traditional instrumental rock. Named as April Rain, the name shows people a sense of melancholy and depression, however, in addition to the gloom and sadness of the continuous rain, April Rain also possesses the warmth and peace of a sunny day after rain, as well as the coldness and desolation of rain freezing into ice-snow. The grand and ever-changing guitar melody full of sincerity, the bass line self-wandering in the low places, the sometimes longly expanding keyboard, and the powerful drum play, all of these create songs that shuttle between melancholy and surge, also between calm and storm, colliding or comforting the inner meditation of the listener time and time again. The work of April Rain does not specify concrete expression content, the elements a song contains and resonance a song produces vary depending on the audience's own experiences and feelings. However, the sincere and poetic titles of each song of April Rain clearly present a common landscape for the listener, guiding different listeners to meet on the same path where thoughts and music converges.

From its inception to now, April Rain's Post-rock career has reached total twelve years, this has been a beautiful and magnificent journey. During this period, the band released nine great albums/EPs, not only showcasing the band's superb and stable creative abilities, but also make self firmly stand at the top of the pyramid of Post-rock. This time, Vrijheid Records has sincerely collaborated with April Rain to release several of the band's works in brand-new Vinyl format, including the 2014 album "One Is Glad To Be Of Service" that wanders between melancholy and excitement, striving to explore the deep consciousness of human individuals (Transparent haze colored double Vinyls), and the 2015 album "Leave Me No Light" that is clear, spacious, and turbulent, resonating infinitely with the listener's heart (Transparent haze colored double Vinyls), as well as a collection of 2014 EP "Songs For Someone" and 2016 EP "A Melting Snowman" with strong classical atmosphere (Pictured Vinyls).

A new album drops in 2023, eight songs of "Undertone" form a 54-minute undulating sea of instrumental music. Generally speaking, each song follows a gradual pattern of Post-Rock that is from shallow to deep, and from calm to intense, starting from the singularity of a gentle note, slowly transitioning into a lingering melody, advancing layer by layer, and reaching the final storm that washes the soul. Based on such arrangement structure, the interpretation of instrumental music is flexible and smooth. Different texture lines and various meaningful segments are skillfully exchanged, overlapped, and evolved together, endowing each song with rich colors and profound concepts, and allowing the continuous emotions and deep consciousness to flow throughout the entire album. Vrijheid Records presents this album with (6-panel) Digipak CD and tri-color striped (cyan / transparent / orange) double vinyls.

Whether you are veteran who has wandered through the sea of Post-rock over years, or a beginner with a pair of curious eyes to explore Post-rock world, the four releases by Vrijheid Records in collaboration with April Rain are all worth for you to appreciate.

In 2023 Vrijheid Records collaborated with April Rain, release the albums on colored vinyls.

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April Rain – Undertone

Limited Cyan / Transparent / Orange Striped Double Vinyls & Digipak CD
one is glad to be of service_2LP_pic1

April Rain – One Is Glad To Be Of Service

2xLP (Transparent Haze)

April Rain – A Melting Snowman + Songs...

2xLP (Pictured)
Leave me no light_2LP_pic

April Rain – Leave Me No Light

2xLP (Transparent Haze)